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Covering the Cost

Paying for the funeral in advance may appeal to those individuals who prefer not to burden their families with difficult decisions and funeral costs. You don’t necessarily need to pay for services in advance but can still set money aside, so as not to burden family members financially.

There are several plans on the market and it is always best to get some independent financial advice to ensure you buy the plan that suits you best. For example you can simply set up a “payable-on-death” (POD) account at your bank. When you set up this type of account, you name the person you want to handle your arrangements as the beneficiary. These accounts don’t have to go through probate and the money goes directly to the beneficiary at the time of death.

Or you might chose a particular funeral directors plans. However please remember to check exactly what is covered. For example many prepaid funeral plans don’t actually cover the cost of the grave and burial fees itself.

GreenAcres offers a pre-paid burial option where you can choose the exact spot you want to be buried whether it’s a Full Burial or your ashes and reserve and pay for that exact spot. When you buy from us there are no additional costs for buying in advance and we try and make the decision as personal as possible.

You can choose to buy a place for a Full Burial or an Ash Interment. The parks also cater for ashes scattering but these are not typically purchased in advance. You can choose from a wide array of different areas in the park so giving you flexibility and choice from overlooking a carpet of bluebells in the spring or under the canopy of an old English oak the park offers a variety of options.

The areas are also priced differently depending on their location and overall desirability. For example some areas provide a wider landscape with more mature and well-tended trees whilst others are perhaps less accessible for all and therefore may be less desirable for the whole family.

With that in mind we have set our prices considering two key factors:

  • the overall desirability and accessibility of the park area and
  • the desire to keep prices in line with a traditional burial

This way we ensure that our parks are open to all walks of life and all budgets.Our prices are reviewed on an annual basis but the price you buy at today will stay fixed for the time that you own the burial plot. Most importantly it will also stay fixed even if you choose to pay by instalments.

Price Range
Ash Interment £135 – £3,810
Full Burial £599 – £11,180
Prestige option £1,400 – £42,000