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Making Your Wishes Known

Hopefully we are many years from needing our plot! However, we are both very happy that our family will be well looked after and the service will be exactly what we all want.”

If you’re planning your own funeral, talk with your family about your funeral wishes to make sure they know what you want. Having a verbal conversation about your wishes will help paint a picture for your loved ones of what you would like. Alternatively you can record them in a document that is shared with a next of kin.

 Choosing a Funeral Director

Some people want to choose a specific funeral director to provide the professional services needed. It is best to contact several funeral directors in your area to compare prices and available options and go and visit them to ensure they will be able to offer your friends and family what you think they need.

You can also come and visit us as your final resting place. We are open and staffed 365 days a year and are always happy to discuss your options and walk you round the park

Making the Service your own

The funeral service is all about remembering the deceased. Our families tell us that they have found that the best way to remember the deceased is to think of them as in life. If the person was fun, loved Greece, and abhorred all things depressing, you could request that funeral guests avoid dark clothes and sample some traditional Greek food at the wake.