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Memorial Options

Memorial Posts

In keeping with the woodland environment, Full Burial and Ash Interment graves may be marked with a single wooden post.

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Book of Remembrance

An entry in our Book of Remembrance, provides families with a lasting memorial of their loved one.

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Memorial plaques on benches

Throughout the park there are several areas that have been carefully selected for the placing of simple benches providing visitors with an area for resting and reflection.

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Seat of Remembrance

Within the Ashes Scattering area we have provided a uniquely designed Seat of Remembrance, situated amongst the stunning trees.

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Living memorials

Living memorials offer an additional way to remember a loved one, as well as providing habitats for a range of wildlife.

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Anniversary / Service of Remembrance

Our unique and enchanting facilities provide the perfect setting for a special gathering of friends and family for a private celebration of life.

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Memory Bear

A Memory Bear allows you to treasure and remember a loved one. These individual and loveable bears are custom-made from an item of clothing belonging to your someone special.

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Tribute Garden

Remember a loved one by creating an Online Tribute Garden. A very simple process to set up and one you can share with your friends and family.

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Living Legacy

Precious memories can often be lost when a loved one suffers from memory loss, dementia or a life-limiting illness.

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