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Pets Caskets

For those who want to choose a fitting way to say goodbye to their beloved pets, GreenAcres has introduced a special place where you can come and bury your pets ashes amongst the lovely woodland in the dedicated pets ashes area.

In addition to the burial of the ashes we can also offer a pet’s memory casket while you decide where in the woodland you want your pet’s ashes to be buried. These beautiful caskets are made from pure British wool from the Hainsworth Mills in Cheshire. The wool is currently used in the manufacture of Saville Row suits because of its gentle feel and it is this very soft and touchable element that Hainsworth have captured in the pets casket.

Inside the casket you will find a sturdy cardboard container to place your beloved pets ashes whilst the rest of the space can be used to store the special mementoes you might have – a collar, a favourite toy, brush or photographs.

When you are ready you can either bury the cardboard section with the ashes inside and keep the casket full of the mementos, or simply keep the casket at home until you are ready to return to the woodland for a final goodbye.

Pets caskets start at £45.00

For further details please contact us.

Rosemary’s Story:

Walking through the woodland is something that Rosemary did with Milo every day. Now she walks alone through the trees but not quite as Milo’s ashes are now buried under one of the old oaks. Even though saying goodbye was terribly difficult being able to come to a peaceful woodland like those they enjoyed so much together has helped Rosemary come to terms with the loss of her beloved friend.

“He was so very much a part of my life, and I miss him dearly. Being able to come and walk through the woodland makes me feel as if a part of him is still with me. The most difficult part has been acknowledging the gap left in my life. I wanted to do something special as I had his ashes in the house for nearly a year. I just hadn’t found a place that could honour how much he meant to me. Finding a woodland close by to where I live was perfect and in some ways such a relief. I visit regularly, mostly at weekends so I can feel close to him. It means so much more than just having the ashes on the sideboard at home. Milo would have loved these woodlands”.