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We were attracted to the beauty of the park and the fact our children aren’t afraid to visit. Our youngest is terrified of cemeteries.

However you choose to say goodbye to your friends or family we can offer a stunning venue for the service set in over 72 acres of beautiful English woodland where you can bury your loved ones or their ashes. Our main aim is to offer you a choice and GreenAcres Chiltern has been established to provide an alternative without losing any of the respect, dignity and professionalism that you would find in more traditional setting.


The price you pay is entirely dependant on the choice you have made whether its a Full Burial, an Ash Interment or Scattering after a cremation elsewhere or simply a service. All graves and ashes plots are for two people, allowing you the choice to bury people together if you so wish.

We offer a range of flexible leasing options to suit all budgets. For details of our leasing options please download a copy of our price list or enquire in the park for further information.

Use the additional menu options to see the price ranges.

Prices from
Cremation Service in the Woodland Hall (1 hour) £575
Woodland Hall hire (per hour) £295
Ash Scattering £270
Ash Interment £610
Full Burial £1,280


Prices from
Sponsored Feature Tree £7,350
Private Labyrinth £9,000
Private Garden £21,000
Private Woodland Glade £30,450
Exclusive Family Tree £37,800


A fee will be charged each time the plot is required. This charge covers the safe preparation of the grave and is in addition to the plot price.

Full Burial £600
Ash Interment £200


The park is divided into several areas to allow customers greater choice. Some areas provide a wider landscape with more mature and well-tended trees whilst others are perhaps less accessible for all and therefore may be less desirable for the whole family.

With that in mind we have set our prices considering two key factors:

  • the overall desirability and accessibility of the park area and
  • the desire to keep prices in line with a traditional burial

This way we ensure that our parks are open to all walks of life and all budgets. The prices are reviewed on an annual basis and are currently valid from March 2018. As living woodland there may be times when an area is not open for a burial but this is always made clear when you visit. Click here to download a copy of our brochure.