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Ash Interment or Scattering

If cremation is the choice, the park has many Burial Trees where ashes can be interred and marked with a single wooden memorial close to the foot of the tree. There is also a special Ash Scattering area for those who wish the park itself to become the place of remembrance as no individual memorials mark the place of the scattering.

We offer a range of flexible leasing options to suit all budgets. For details of our leasing options please download a copy of our price list or enquire in the park for further information.

Ash Interment Plot

Area Prices from
Acorn Glade £610
Beech Wood £610
Silver Wood / Silver Wood Coppice £610
Bluebell Glade £880
Foxholes £880
Foxglove Wood £880
Duck Wood £1,240
Moss Grove £1,240
Pheasants Wood £1,240
High Oaks £1,240
Valley View £1,410

Ash Scattering

If you would like to scatter the ashes of your loved one then we have a dedicated area for just that. Its an expansive area of the woodland allowing you to choose where to scatter the ashes and as this area does not include any permanent memorial – the park itself becomes the perfect place for remembrance.

Area Prices from
Ash Scattering £270

What’s included in the price for an Ash Interment?

  • Staffing and administration before and after the Ash Interment
  • No extra charges for non-residency in a particular area
  • Refreshments for guests on arrival, and for visitors on subsequent visits to the park
  • The free use of the parks facilities, such as an electric buggy for those with limited mobility

What’s not included in the price for an Ash Scattering?

  • Any fees for the use of a Funeral Director and their associated costs
  • The cost of a service, which includes the use of the Gathering and Woodland Halls at a fee of £295 per hour
  • The “interment fees” which are those fees applied at the time of burial for the services of grave diggers and grave preparation, plus our compliance requirements. At present the interment fee for an Ash Interment is £200
  • Any memorial options such as an entry in the Book of Remembrance. Go to the Memorial options section to find out more. No permanent personal memorials are allowed in the Ash Scattering area
  • There is an additional charge made for an Ash Interment that takes place at the weekend or on a Bank Holiday