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Your choices following a cremation or memorial service

I was going to scatter my husband’s ashes at the place we both loved but after seeing the peace and tranquility in the woodland there was no other place I wanted his final resting place to be.”

Your choices following a cremation or memorial service

Very often when a loved one is cremated you can be unsure of what to do next. Many of our families choose to hold a service with us before or after a cremation. They can then take as much time as they need to decide where the final resting place will be.

Whatever you decide, if you are thinking of a final resting place that you can visit to reflect on the life of a loved one, then please talk to us – we’ll do everything we can to make it easier and less daunting.

Collecting your loved one’s ashes

For some this can be the hardest part of the bereavement journey. Your Funeral Director will be able to collect these on your behalf and keep them safe until the time is right for you to collect them. If you have chosen GreenAcres Chiltern as the final resting place, we can arrange to keep them until you are ready to lay your loved one to rest.

Finding the perfect resting place

If you are considering an ash interment or ash scattering we have many different options available, including our ash scattering area, a burial tree throughout our beautiful woodland, or maybe you would like something more exclusive such as a private garden. Whatever you decide, our experienced team at GreenAcres will help you to choose the perfect resting place.

Ways to remember

There are so many ways that you might want to remember your loved one, and with the funeral, this service is completely personal. At GreenAcres we have a variety of memorial options available, regardless of whether your loved one is laid to rest in our park. You can choose from our Book of Remembrance (which may be  viewed online), personal keepsakes, sponsored wooden plaques; or living memorials, such as sponsoring a tree, bird feeder or wildlife box that may give you a pleasant space to remember and reflect.

Available options for ashes at GreenAcres Chiltern

Ash Interment
Private garden
Exclusive family tree
Private glade
Woodland tree
Feature tree
Private labyrinth area
Ash scattering area

Our cremation packages which include a service in the Woodland Hall and a double ashes plot start from £818.*

*Interment fees are not included and apply each time the plot is used.

For further details please download a copy of our price list.