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Saying Goodbye To Babies and Children

The absolute perfect place for my precious girl, the staff are so wonderful that I feel she is safe and cared for when we are not there.

Losing a child is always hard to bear. In recognition of the special nature of a funeral or burial of a baby or child,
GreenAcres Colney provides a peaceful and tranquil place to say your final goodbyes.

Pregnancy loss of under 24 weeks

We have selected a particularly beautiful area within the woodland which is dedicated to the interment of a pregnancy loss of under 24 weeks. Here a number of babies are interred together in a single urn and families are welcome to visit the area and lay flowers at the memorial tree if they wish. The actual interment is overseen by a member of our experienced staff and there is a single permanent memorial in the form of a central burial tree which has the word “Remembered” inscribed on a single memorial post to mark the area.

This service is usually arranged in partnership with the relevant hospital and there is no charge.

Babies and Children aged 0-2

Families can lay their little loved one to rest in our specially selected areas of the park which are reserved for the burial of babies and children up to the age of two.

Children aged 2-16

For children aged between 2 and 16 you can choose any available Burial Tree in the park.

A single wooden memorial post can be placed to mark the grave and we also offer full use of our ceremonial building should you wish to hold a service.

Aged up to 2 years £150
Aged 2 – 17 60% of the full adult burial plot
Memorial post £275
Service in to Woodland Hall (1 hour) £250

What’s included in the price of a child’s burial ?

  • The exclusive rights to the burial plot
  • Preparation of the grave and all administration costs
  • The right to place a wooden memorial in line with park dimensions on the grave
  • Staffing and administration before and after the service
  • No extra charge for non-residency in the area
  • Refreshments (tea and coffee) for guests on arrival in the Gathering Hall
  • The use of the GreenAcres Colney facilities such as our chauffeured electric buggy for those with limited mobility
  • A secure site, which is staffed and open 365 days a year
  • Guidance and advice from our fully trained staff, who are committed to a compassionate, caring and personal service

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