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Full Burial

For a Full Burial, as with ashes, you can choose the exact place for the interment under a carefully selected Burial Tree.

We offer a range of flexible leasing options to suit all budgets. For details of our leasing options please download a copy of our price list or enquire in the park for further information.

Area Prices from
Compass Meadow (single plot) £495
Compass Meadow £825
Lawn Grave in South Meadow £1,550
Woodland £1,750
The Oasis £2,450

What’s included in the price

  • Please note that all graves and ashes plots have the capacity for two interments/burials allowing you the choice to bury loved ones and family members together if you so wish but not necessarily at the same time
  • Staffing and administration before and after the service, but not the interment or burial fees
  • No extra charges for non-residency in a particular area
  • Refreshments for guests on arrival, and for visitors on subsequent visits to the park
  • The free use of Heatherley Wood Park facilities

What’s not included?

The purchase of your Heatherley Wood burial plot does not include:

  • Any fees for the use of a funeral director and their associated costs. Please be mindful that most funeral pre-payment plans do not include a burial plot, just the services provided by a funeral director – and this is where we come in.
  • The cost of a service, which includes the use of the Gathering and Meadow View Hall at a fee of £250 per hour
  • Any memorial options such as a memorial post or entry in the online Book of Remembrance. Go to the Memorials section of the website to find out more
  • The “interment fees” which are those fees applied at the time of burial for the services of grave diggers and grave preparation, plus our compliance requirements. At present the interment fee for a full burial is £500
  • A burial service at the weekend, bank holiday, out of normal office hours or where the 2 hours allocated needs to be extended. An extra fee is applied for all weekend and bank holiday burials